9. januarja, 2017

Vote for Unija in Europe’s largest business competition – European Business Awards

Unija d.d. has been named a National Champion for Slovenia in The European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community.

For the purposes of continuing the competition, we also recorded a video where we presented our unique story and our business success. In a two stage public vote, the videos will be hosted on the European Business Awards website, and the company who receives the most votes in their country will become the ‘National Public Champion’.
The public vote sees over 350 National Champions competing against each other in 34 countries across Europe. After seven weeks the voting will close and the company with the most votes in each country will be named ‘National Public Champion’ on 6 March 2017.

Please vote for the Unija and help us achieve the best possible success in the next stage of the competition.

Check the video and vote here: http://www.businessawardseurope.com/vote/detail-new/the-award-for-innovation/19991

Thank you!