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Unija Smart Accounting

Unija Smart Accounting is an international accounting firm, known for its high quality accounting and consulting services and advanced IT solutions.

To optimize the business operations of our clients, we have developed an advanced Unija Smart Accounting system – a new generation of accounting that connects key services: accounting, IT solutions and consulting. Through advanced data processing, we provide our clients with reliable insights in customised reports that are a modern tool for their business decision-making.


Participated four times, won four times

The best accounting service in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015

Unija is a four-time winner of the Best Accounting Service in the category of the large. The selection was held under the auspices of the Chamber of Accounting Services and Unija won the title of Best Accounting Service three times in a row in 2009, 2010 and 2011. After a couple of years’ break and a re-entry in 2015, we were once again awarded the title of the best.


Advanced new generation accounting system. It provides our clients with a reliable insight into complex business relationships and helps them make competent, informed decisions. Unija Smart Accounting connects three independent, but functionally and operationally closely related fields – accounting, IT solutions and consulting.


For many people, accounting is a tedious and difficult task, but for us it is a challenge and a joy when we look at our satisfied clients. Our highly qualified staff pays special attention to each client and provides professional advice according to their specific situation.


Highly qualified professional staff with continuous education – over 100 hours of annual training per employee, which is well above the European average.


At Unija, we have been striving to provide top-quality services for 20 years. Our team is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.


Trust your financial review only to those who deserve your trust, so we invite you to get to know us in more detail and discover the advantages of working with us.


Unija Smart Accounting is a next-generation accounting service. The services we provide within the accounting service include:

  • Accounting – As an essential phase in the accounting process, it helps you keep track of your business, with changes in assets and liabilities.
    • Accounting / records
    • Recording of received and issued invoices, bank statements, etc.
    • Calculation of travel orders
  • Tax Calculation – Proper and timely tax declarations are necessary for the legal operation of every company.
    • Management of tax records
    • VAT calculation
    • Calculation of corporate income tax, business income tax and personal income tax
  • Reports – Reports for various state institutions and your management, providing accurate information important for decision-making and future business ventures.
    • Preparation of reports for banks and other institutions
    • Preparation of management reports
    • Preparation of other prescribed reports, calculations, and tax returns

Payroll calculation – represents a significant challenge in most companies, mainly due to specifics in the legislative area and constant changes.

The size of the company does not determine the quality of our services, but we strive for every company, large or small, and offer comprehensive accounting solutions for as many as 6 European countries. Within our accounting service, we provide services for:

  • International companies – Comprehensive accounting solution in 14 European countries
  • Large and medium-sized companies – Comprehensive accounting, accounting supervision, business information
  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs – Accounting for sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, start-up companies, associations, institutions, etc.

Unija Smart Accounting goes beyond traditional accounting frameworks and better utilizes the potential of collected data. Each market has its own specificities, so at Unija, we offer quality accounting in as many as 6 European countries, while also helping you to gain full control over all markets. Our experts will provide you with accounting support for your business units (both domestic and abroad) and ensure a unique reporting method for all your business units, regardless of the specifics related to the accounting and tax legislation of these countries.

  • COMPREHENSIVE ACCOUNTING SOLUTION IN ONE PLACE – From bookkeeping, control, and consulting to report preparation. From accounting for micro-companies to accounting for international companies.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY OF SERVICES – ISO 9001 STANDARD – The high quality of services is guaranteed by the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. –
  • HIGHEST LEVEL OF INFORMATION PROTECTION – ISO 27001 STANDARD – We are the first accounting service in Slovenia that can prove its way of protecting information with such a demanding standard as ISO 27001.
  • HIGH STANDARD OF PROFESSIONALISM – Highly trained and professional staff with continuous education – over 100 hours of annual training per employee, which is significantly above the European average.
  • WITH US, YOU WILL BE SAFE – High level of tax security for clients is our fundamental principle.
  • UNIJA SMART ACCOUNTING – Next-generation accounting that goes beyond traditional accounting frameworks and better utilizes the potential of collected data.
  • INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE – Comprehensive accounting solutions for 14 Central and Eastern European countries.
  • CONSULTING – All in one place: tax, legal, accounting, business, and financial consulting.

Unija is an international accounting firm distinguished by quality services, advanced solutions, and a high level of satisfaction and trust among clients and the professional public. We offer accounting services, payroll calculations, IT solutions, and consulting for organizations of all sizes and types across 14 markets in Central and Eastern Europe, where the highest level of service quality is ensured by a team of highly professional and experienced experts.


Trusted by

C&A, H&M, Hilti, Scania, Špica International, OMV, GSK, Pepco, JYSK, Toyota

Toyota, Air France, Baxter, Resalta, Siol, Total, Vitapur, Ikea

Petrol, Pivovarna Laško Union, Intereuropa, Hycu, Lpp Fashion, Makita

Optika Clarus, Lagermax, IBM, Danfoss, Henkel, LTH Castings, Mondelez, Mennyacht, Hokejska zveza Slovenije, HBO