We are proud of our professional computer support with fast response and 24/7 maintenance, which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Our support is user-friendly and will provide a seamless operation of IT.


We are with you from beginning to end; from the first snapshot, throughout the entire programming process, all the way to the final documentation. Whenever possible, we use infrastructure and technologies already in use. We work closely with the client throughout the project.


Automated reports completely to your needs. Data from files, databases and online services no longer need to be monitored separately, but linked in one place. The reports are interactive and updated in real time, providing an instant overview of your business.


Trainings for both beginners and skilled users looking for specialist workshops. The courses cover the topics of Excel, Office 365 and Power BI. On the website, we share knowledge weekly in our Base of Knowledge.

At Unija IT we are…

… everything you could ever want in a management and operation of an information structure.


A wide range of knowledge and qualified experts are a guarantee that even in the most demanding environments, we take care of the smooth and fast operation of IT. We can proudly say that there are more than 500 companies that intrusted us with their information infrastructure.


All our employees are highly qualified, and we can especially boast of user-friendliness and adaptation to customer needs. As a result, our biggest reward is a satisfied customer who trusts us and with whom we build long-term cooperation.


To make project management easier, we use an agile approach, making it faster, more flexible and cheaper.

Each project is a story in itself, so each requires an individual approach, good monitoring and quality execution.


We take pride in our professional computer support with fast response time and 24/7 maintenance, which means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Frequently asked questions


How can we ensure our safety against IT security risks?

Information is the most strategically important business asset in the modern world. With its security and risk management solutions, Unija Sibit d.o.o. helps you protect your business and the flow of your information, which we will take care of in our Security Operations Center (SOC). We will also take care of protection against malicious code, network and application protection.

Why could cloud solutions be right for your business?

With cloud solutions, we can provide you with your business operation anywhere, anytime. Access to your applications and business data will be secure and work independently fromyour operating systems. The rental model eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own servers, and you pay for the services as needed and actually consumed. This also makes the company more flexible in managing its own resources and is worry-free when hiring new staff.

How can we help make our business efficient with IT solutions?

At Unija Sibit d.o.o. we are upgrading the new generation of accounting. We capture all the data we obtain from your business applications, and with the powerful Microsoft Power BI tool we take care of the comprehensive implementation of business analytics.

We will visually show you the results in the field of sales, finance, marketing, stocks, production,… we can also arrange for completely customized solutions according to your requirements.

With the right analytics, we will be able to predict trends for the near and distant future in your business.

Why leave the purchase and installation of IT equipment to Unija Sibit d.o.o.?

Buying IT equipment can be a huge burden on a company. At Unija Sibit d.o.o. we will help you find the right IT equipment for your business. We will take care of the proper installation and maintenance of the equipment. The company employs professionals who have experience with all major and better hardware and software IT manufacturers, such as Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, HP, Dell, Mikrotik, Ruckus, Fortigate, Trendmikro, etc.

How to make sure that your business runs smoothly with a quick response and an accessible Helpdesk team?

Speed and professional response of engineers employed at Unija Sibit d.o.o. mean higher availability of your IT infrastructure. With 24/7/365 maintenance contracts, we undertake to rectify the critical fault as soon as possible whenever it occurs. However, we reduce the number of errors to a minimum by our safety operations center, which constantly monitors the operation of your system and prevents the vast majority of problems that could occur in the future.

Clients about us

With the rapid and dynamic development of the company and the general changes that are constantly happening in the market, accurate and fast data analysis is one of the key things that every company needs. For this very reason, we decided on MS Power BI, which offers all that.

MS Power BI offers flexibility, ease of use, extremely readable and flexible reporting, and it is very important that access to all data is possible at any time via the MS BI application. The integration with the business system itself went smoothly and without unexpected problems.

Professionalism, know-how and excellent sense for the needs of clients are the advantages of the company Unija Sibit Smart IT, which carries out the entire project very professionally, and the key advantage that would be highlighted is the constant availability and high professionalism of Gašper and his team.

Matej Venta


We have been cooperating with the Accounting service Unija for many years in the preparation of financial statements, and now we have decided to upgrade our accounting system with the BI system, which has become indispensable in the analysis of all collected data and business results.

During the implementation, we cooperated with a very responsive and professional team, with which we managed to prepare and even improve the reports we had previously imagined through many iterations.

In addition, the knowledge we have gained in the implementation process now allows us to further develop and upgrade existing reports, which will further improve the transparency and digital transformation of our business.

Jan Štele



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  • Scania
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  • OMV
  • GSK
  • Pepco
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  • Toyota
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  • Total
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  • Ikea
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