Payroll accounting for businesses

Employee salaries are a business secret for most employers and therefor most sensitive issue for employees. Accuracy in billing and expert management is all the more important. For your company, we fully accept payment of salaries and other payments to employees.

monthly calculation of remuneration and reimbursement of staff costs

calculation of royalties, contractual agreements, fees, etc.

preparation of payment orders for wages and other remuneration, contributions and taxes

reporting to the Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance, the Tax administration, etc.

making claims for refunds of salaries and contributions

periodical calculations (regresies, bonuses …)

automated reports on the structure of labor costs by cost centers and projects

preparation of reports and other services by necessity for internal use of a client

Salaries calculation for international companies

With active presence in the international arena, Unija enables its customers to pay salaries for all companies operating in the CEE region. Simultaneously, with the calculation of salaries and other payments, we also take care of all mandatory monthly and annual reports to the competent institutions.

E-business in the calculation of salaries

No more rewriting data into the system or carrying documentation to your accountant.

Unija’s modern IT solutions enable quick, easy and efficient paperless business. Your employees now have a 24 hour overview of relevant documentation and yearly leave on their mobile phone.

The documentation required for the calculation of salaries (travel expenses, sick leave…) is scanned into the documentary system.

On the basis of the scanned documents we carry out the calculation of wages for your workers.

Through our mobile application Unija App, your employees have 24/7 access to their payslips, review of the state of annual leave, other internal documentation that you publish (company acts, bulletin board, etc.), can apply for leave and receive a response to their phone.

Why is wage calculation at Unija worth it?

In our experience, companies decide to do this primarily due to optimization of costs and professionalism, and their employees are redirected to the work and tasks that create greater added value for the company.


Wage calculation in the company

  • One person who performs accounting, administrative work and human resources.
  • An average of 12 hours of training per year (if there is time)
  • Ad-hoc tracking legislation
  • Incomplete transmission of claims for refunds, non-utilization of all possibilities for relief, exemption.
  • The cost of calculating wages depends on the time spent by the employed person on a monthly basis for this task
  • Delays and irregular payments due to the absence of an employee (vacation, sick leave)
  • Manually prepared reports for management
  • Disclosure of employees’ salaries
  • Identification of irregularities during the inspection (penalty)
  • In each country one employee


External contractor – Unija Accounting service

  • specialists specializing in the calculation of salaries
  • 100 hours of education per employee
  • Specialized consultants who daily track innovations and changes in legislation (HR, labor law, tax)
  • Ongoing (monthly) requests for reimbursement of wage compensation and exemption from payment of contributions and awards
  • Fixed cost of wage calculation (known in advance)
  • Regular payments in the prescribed agreed deadlines
  • Automated reports on the structure of labor costs by cost centers and projects, and automated reports to the Tax Administration and AJPES
  • 100-percent data security
  • Successful completion of inspection
  • One administrator for all markets in the Adriatic region

Accounting service Unija

Accounting service Unija is present in the international market. It is distinguished by high-quality accounting and consulting services and advanced IT solutions.

To optimize the business operations of our clients, we have developed an advanced Unija Smart Accounting system – a new generation of accounting that connects key services: accounting, IT solutions and consulting. With advanced data processing, we provide our clients with reliable insight into customized reports, which are a modern support in their business decision-making process.



  • C&A
  • H&M
  • Hilti
  • Scania
  • Špica International
  • OMV
  • GSK
  • Pepco
  • JYSK
  • Toyota
  • Air France
  • Baxter
  • Resalta
  • Siol
  • Total
  • Vitapur
  • Ikea
  • Petrol
  • Pivovarna Laško Union
  • Intereuropa
  • Hycu
  • Lpp Fashion
  • Makita
  • Optika Clarus
  • Lagermax
  • IBM
  • Danfoss
  • Henkel
  • LTH Castings
  • Mondelez
  • Mennyacht
  • Hokejska zveza Slovenije
  • HBO