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24. avgusta, 2020

SERBIA: ‘’My first salary’’ program

The Decree on the Youth Employment Promotion Program “My First Salary” was adopted. From Monday, August 17, employers will be able to apply for the program.


Who is it for?

The “My First Salary” program is intended for those who have finished high school or college, have no work experience, and are looking for their first job.

The program will be implemented with employers in private or public sector. Priority for inclusion in the program is given to employers from the private sector and especially employers from devastated municipalities. The given priority is in accordance with the regulation of the Government of Serbia on the level of development of local self-government units.


How to apply for the program – Employers

The National Employment Service will publish the call for registration of employers within the program. Employers will be able to apply for the program from August 17 to September 25, through the site “My first salary”. The data that the employer will need to enter is:

  • job/work description,
  • other conditions that the candidate is expected to meet.

An employer with up to 5 employees can include 1 unemployed person into the program. One that has 6 to 14 employees can include up to 2 unemployed persons, and if the employer who has more than 15 employees, they can include the number of unemployed people that does not exceed 20% of all employees.

Note: The National Employment Service has published a public tender for the implementation of the program, as well as the conditions that must be met by employers and candidates.


How to apply for the program – Employees (candidates)

Candidates who wish to apply for work in companies, can do so from October 1 to October 15. The application can be done through the mobile app (the app is currently in the making by the IT Office and eGovernment in cooperation with PKS and NES, and with the support of the Ministry of Finance and the Government). Following the submission of the application, from November 1, a link will be established between the candidates and the employers who have advertised the posts.

The conditions for the candidates are:

  • they are up to 30 years old,
  • they have no previous work experience and
  • they are on the records of the National Employment Service.

Detailed instructions for applying candidates will be available in late September.


State’s financial aid

The state covers part of the cost of salaries of people employed through this program. The rest of the money for the salaries of these young people is provided by the employers themselves.

During the program, the National Employment Service will pay a monthly cash benefit in the amount of 20,000 dinars to young people with secondary education, and 24,000 dinars to young people with higher education.

The National Employment Service also pays a contribution in the case of injuries at work and occupational diseases for people included in this program.

From November 1, employers and candidates will be connected. The realization of the program starts when contracts are concluded between the companies, the National Employment Service and the candidates.

The program is implemented with the support of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and the Office for IT and e Administration. The allocated funds are intended for the training of 10,000 young people during 2020 and 2021.