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24. julija, 2020

Unija Scan App – the fastest way to get your documentation to your accountant

At Unija Smart Accounting, we want to make the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies, thereby simplifying certain processes for both our clients and us. In the June 2020, we introduced the new Unija Scan App, which enables our clients to easily and quickly send received invoices to their accountant.

The app, which can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet, is completely easy to use. All you need to do before the first log on is to register on doc.unija.com, and you are all set for an easy and fast transfer of the documentation. With the help of the app, you take a photo of the received invoices, and you send them to your accountant with only one or two taps on the screen. After submitting the document, the user also receives a confirmation notification to their e-mail address, thus completing the entire procedure.

We kindly invite you to watch a short video on how Jure saves his precious time by using the new Unija Scan App – HERE.

[VIDEO] Entrepreneur Jure and Unija Scan App
We believe that you will recognize the advantages that the described Unija Scan App brings you. Last but not least, using the app will save you some valuable time, which you will surely know how to use wisely. For more information on using the new Unija Scan App, you can contact us:

E: info@unija.com
T: +3861 360 20 00