30. novembra, 2020

CROATIA: Unija and Data-Link are now one brand

In recent days, Unija has successfully merged with the largest provider of accounting and consulting services in Croatia – the company Data-Link. By combining the best practices of the two companies, Unija is successfully realizing its vision that by 2022 it will become the most advanced service provider in its segment in the region. The total annual revenues of Unija Group are thus increased by 2 million EUR (to EUR 10 million per year), and the number of employees in the group has also increased. It now employs over 250 people.

From now on, Unija will operate under the Data-Link Unija brand on the Croatian market and will offer the highest quality services from its rich range with over 80 employees. At the same time, the merger of Data-Link will also mean combining the best practices of the two companies and thus significantly contribute to the realization of the Unija’s vision to bring traditional accounting closer to the needs of modern times.


Statement by Mr. Miran Pikovnik, director of the company Unija Smart Accounting d.o.o .:

Today, technology already enables almost complete automation of simpler bookkeeping tasks. Accountants can now devote more of their time and knowledge to in-depth analyses of clients’ operations and thus take on an advisory role. Such an approach also significantly increases the added value of the Unija’s services.


Unija already took a step in this direction a year ago when it offered its Smart Accounting service to the market. It combines traditional accounting with the most advanced information technology solutions and complements it with the services of legal, tax and financial advisers.

The merger of Data-Link will give Unija Group an additional competitive advantage over other actors in the region. Connecting companies into a comprehensive network covering the whole region is part of the Unija’s vision.

In the uncertain times of the current health and, consequently, economic crisis, we see an opportunity in connecting large investments and in combining knowledge and experience. Unija Group is gaining 65 new employees in Croatia and 6 in Serbia.

The merger with Data-Link also brings new revenues to Unija. We expect that they will increase by 2 million EUR annually (EUR 1.8 million in Croatia and EUR 0.2 million in Serbia), which further strengthens Unija’s position as the largest accounting firm in the region.

We look forward to working with our new employees and we believe that by merging we can only be better.