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22. June, 2023

Establishing a Limited Liability Company In North Macedonia

Do you work in North Macedonia?

Are you thinking of opening a limited liability company as a natural or legal person?

The establishment of a limited liability company in North Macedonia follows an established procedure. In order to save you valuable time, we have collected all the necessary information for establishing a D.O.O. (Limited liability company) in North Macedonia in the given brochure, and we will gladly help you with the procedure itself so that you can start a business in Macedonia as soon as possible. Also, we offer you administrative management of the company.

We wish you a successful business trip to North Macedonia!

The important steps you need to take to establish an LLC in NMK

I. Procedure for establishment of D.O.O. (LLC)

The establishment and registration are done in the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The amount of the basic capital must not be less than 5,000 euros in Denar equivalent; a limited liability company can have a maximum of 50 partners. The share capital, which can be paid in cash or entered as a non-monetary deposit, is deposited in a Giro account, and the payment slip with the paid monetary deposit is submitted during company registration. Accounts are opened and managed by commercial banks.

In addition to the mandatory denar account, companies in Macedonia can also have a foreign currency account. The basic capital of the company in the amount of 5,000 euros is not mandatory to be paid at the establishment of the company, it can be paid later but not later than one year from the day of the establishment of the company in the Central Register.

The founder who is a natural person needs a passport if they are a foreigner. In the case of a legal entity, travel documents-passports of all members of the company’s management are required. If it is a foreign legal entity, an extract from the competent register of the country where the relevant legal entity has its headquarters is also required, certified and translated by an authorized court translator, and it must not be older than 30 days from the date of submission of the request to the Central register of RSM.

Further Information

It is recommended to check and reserve the company name in the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia in advance. The company name must be different from existing companies.

A limited liability company is founded on the basis of a declaration of incorporation (if the company is founded by only one person) or an agreement for the company (when there are several founders). The mentioned document defines the name and headquarters of the company, the activities, rights and obligations of the partners, the company’s bodies (management, supervisory board, etc.), and other elements important for the operation of the company.

Before establishing the company, an activity code should be chosen according to Macedonia’s national classification of activities. In addition to the priority activity, the company can also choose a general business clause. “General clause for business” is an indication that the subject of registration in the trade register can perform all activities according to the National Classification of Activities.

All documents must be prepared and digitally signed by an authorized registration agent-lawyer.

The deed of establishment is drawn up by an authorized person-registration agent, and then it is recorded in:

  • Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia,

As soon as a Decision is received from the Central Registry for the established company, the stamp can be made.

A copy of the entry decision in the trade register is attached to the order. The name of the company must be indicated on the stamp.

Registration in the Trade Register and obtaining a personal identification number

Each subject upon first registration in the Trade Register receives a unique identification number of the subject (EMBS) which consists of a seven-digit number, which is assigned electronically by the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia. The procedure for registration in the trade register is conducted according to a special administrative procedure determined by the regulations of the one-stop shop system.

The deadline for mandatory registration in the Trade Register is 15 days from the day of acquiring the conditions for registration. The enrollment procedure begins with the submission of a prescribed form containing the enrollment request. The registration application must be submitted by an authorized submitter by the administrative authority or an authorized registrar in electronic form and an electronic signature.

The following is attached to the application:

  • PO form – Application for registration of establishment of an entity in the Trade Register and the Register of other legal entities
  • ZP Form – Certified signature

Registration in the system of income tax debtors and registration in the VAT system

The registration itself in the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia implies the registration of the entity in the Trade Register and the register of other legal entities as well as registration for tax purposes in the Public Revenue Administration and reservation of a bank account in a bank of one’s choice, as an integrated service and that means also obtaining a tax number and Giro account.

At the request of the subject, at the moment of registration in the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia, a procedure for voluntary registration for value-added tax can be carried out and an application can be submitted to the Employment Agency of North Macedonia for registration of the first employees of the subject.

Immediately after the establishment of the company, the founder is obliged to submit an application for registration in the register of real owners. The application for registration in the register of real owners is electronic and is compiled and digitally signed on behalf of the founder – an authorized person, a registration agent, or a lawyer.

If the established capital is paid during the establishment, then the company is obliged to immediately make an application for foreign direct investment (if the owner of the company is a natural or legal person from abroad). The application for registration in the register of foreign direct investments is electronic and compiled digitally and signed on behalf of the founder by an authorized person or registration agent Lawyer.

Establishing LLC in MK is symbolized by a young man standing in front of a business center symbolizing a new beginning

II. Administrative management of the company in Macedonia


If you still do not have a business space, we offer you the opportunity to temporarily register your company at the headquarters of the Union in Skopje, specifically at the address: 8-ma Udarna Brigada 39, 1000 Skopje. The business premises are in compliance with all legal regulations.


We will digitize all your mail and forward it to you in electronic form daily to your email. Preparing e-bank payment orders and issuing invoices are just the most common tasks, but we’ll take care of everything else, so your company runs as smoothly as if you had a full-time administrative staff.


Leave the management of the business books to us and we will make sure that they are kept according to the law. At the same time, we will regularly inform you about the operation of your company and advise you in the field of accounting and taxes. Payroll accounting, personnel record management, and other personnel services can also be our concern and we guarantee that they will comply with applicable regulations and your expectations.

Of course, we will also take care of timely and correct reporting to state institutions.

Since our experts are familiar with Macedonian legislation, they will be able to more easily explain the specifics that you should pay special attention to in your business.


Get constant insight into your company’s business books from Slovenia as well. Through our e-accounting, you will be able to verify the authenticity of invoices received and review all business documentation from our e-archive.


If you have additional questions in connection with the process of registering D.O.O. (LLC) in North Macedonia, we will be happy to advise you.

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