Spremembe Zakona o delovnih razmerjih sprejete
27. October, 2023

Confirmed Changes to the Labor Relations Act

The National Assembly has approved changes to the Labor Relations Act. What new developments await us in the future:

  • An additional five days of unpaid leave for the care or nursing of a family member (for health reasons).
  • Five days of paid leave for victims of domestic violence (for addressing matters with the Social Welfare Center, the court, etc.).
  • Changes to the notice before terminating an employment contract (the notice period for a defense).
  • Change in the deadline for written warnings before terminating an employment contract for reasons of misconduct (the period during which the employee must not repeat the violation, is proposed to be reduced from one year to six months – the longest permissible deadline is also shortened, if the deadline is set in a sectoral collective agreement, from two years to 18 months).
  • The right to disconnect is guaranteed, giving the employee the option not to be called by the employer during the afternoon or during weekly rest, weekends, or vacation.
  • The possibility for the employee to request a different, more predictable, and safer form of employment from the employer, when available.
  • Greater job security for employee representatives in the case of employment contract termination.
  • The option for an employee (who has a child up to the age of eight) to propose to the employer the conclusion of an employment contract for a shorter working time for a specified period.
  • Changes for construction and agency workers – an increase in wage compensation for agency workers, which means increased social security – at least (instead of 70% of the minimum wage) – 80%, as is the case for wage compensation for other workers on temporary layoff.
  • Regulation of subsidiary liability for the non-payment of wages to an employee by the employer to a subcontractor (in the construction sector).