18. January, 2024

New way of paying taxes via eDavki with Flik – fast and simple

The Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, in collaboration with the Public Payments Administration, has introduced an innovative approach to settling tax obligations through the eDavki system, involving the use of Flik. The option to pay taxes with Flik is available in all Slovenian banks except Sparkasse, which is still preparing support. This ensures wide accessibility and usability of the service for all individuals obligated to pay taxes.

Advantages of paying with Flik through eDavki:

  • Instant payment execution: Flik allows smooth and immediate payment execution, speeding up the tax payment processes.
  • Easy to use: Paying taxes with Flik through eDavki is exceptionally straightforward. With just a few clicks in eDavki, taxpayers can quickly settle their obligations without the need to fill out a payment order.
  • User-friendly: With a single payment, taxpayers can settle various obligations that are usually paid to different accounts.

How Flik users make payments from eDavki:

On the eKarticaO overview, specify the obligations you want to pay and select the option “Prepare payment instructions for the marked ones.” Payment instructions can also be prepared from the “Received documents” menu, meaning that the payment can be executed immediately upon receipt of the decision. Users of the eDavki mobile application can access this service in the “Calendar” and the notification received as a reminder three days before the deadline for payment of their obligation.

On the overview of prepared payment instructions, select the “ePayment” option and then choose the Flik payment method. Enter your phone number or email address and confirm the payment.