Entrepreneurs presenting their ideas for an innovative start-up
5. March, 2024

Incentives for innovative start-up companies in 2024

Public tender P2 2024 for start-up companies

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund (SPS) has published the public tender P2 2024, aimed at encouraging innovative start-up companies in the fields of climate neutrality, circular economy, and sustainable smart specialization. A total of 2.16 million euros will be available to support the start-up of 30 technologically innovative companies.

Who, how, and when?

Young innovative companies can obtain a subsidy of up to 72,000 euros in three tranches, provided they meet development goals. The deadline for submitting applications via the ePortal is March 29, 2024. Before applying for the tender, participation in Start-up training between March 20 and 26 is available, which brings additional points in the evaluation of applications. After signing the contract with SPS, cooperation with a mentor who provides professional support to the company is mandatory.

In addition, companies will have the opportunity to participate in specialized programs for faster market penetration and global growth.

More information can be found HERE.