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16. May, 2024

Call for co-financing of sports infrastructure

The Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Sport has announced funding for the co-financing of investments in sports infrastructure in municipalities. The total sum is 32.4 million euros for the years 2024 and 2025. Of this amount, 22.4 million euros will be allocated in 2024, and the remaining 10 million euros will be available in 2025 for larger projects.

The public call focuses on the renovation, new construction, reconstruction, and modernization of public sports facilities and outdoor sports areas. Special attention is also given to accessibility for the functionally impaired and to flood and landslide protection.

Municipalities can submit proposals until May 31, 2024. The call envisages two separate categories of applications. The first is for renovation and new construction of facilities, and the second is for the establishment or modernization of outdoor sports surfaces. Applications must be submitted in writing on prescribed forms and sent by mail or delivered to the ministry’s address.

The Minister highlighted that the objective of the call is to ensure the technological updating of sports infrastructure. He also emphasized the need to increase the number and quality of publicly accessible sports surfaces and improve safety against natural disasters.

For additional information or assistance with the application, you can contact us at info@unija.com or send us an INQUIRY.