On the 1st of February United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union (EU), but not everything will change overnight. Namely, UK is leaving EU on the basis of the exit agreement, which means that we have an 11-month transition period:

  • The UK will continue to be part of the Single Market and the European Customs Union and thus not become a third country in relation to other members
  • Companies trading in the UK market are subject to the same standard and rules on VAT as they have been before
  • There will be no customs duty on imports or purchases at UK online stores
  • Traveling to the UK is possible with a valid ID / passport, European Health Card is still valid
  • Mobile roaming in the UK is subject to the same rules as in other EU Member States
  • For Slovenians living and working in the UK (estimated to be around 5,000) there will be no changes for the time being, but they have until the end of this year to apply for a status settlement
  • People arriving from EU Member States to the UK during the transitional period will have the same rights as those who came before Brexit.

However, future development of the situation depends on the progress of the London-Brussels arrangements.