15. February, 2024

Announced 672.4 million € in funds for the development of the economy, tourism, and sports

The Ministry of the Economy, Tourism, and Sports has revealed a comprehensive plan for 2024, which includes a financial incentive of 672.4 million euros for the development of the economy, tourism, and sports. This extremely extensive investment, together with implementing partners and SID Bank, is designed to strengthen competitiveness and create added value for the Slovenian economy.

When presenting the plan, the minister pointed out that the incentives are focused on supporting innovation, sustainability, and increasing added value. In addition to direct financial investments, the plan also includes a wide range of measures aimed at solving market gaps, promoting research, development, and innovation, and improving the overall economic environment. Among the main goals are support in the restructuring of the economy, promotion of entrepreneurship, increase in energy efficiency, and development of tourism.

The areas that will receive support are numerous and varied. The plan includes support for the economic restructuring of coal regions, promotion of entrepreneurship, development of energy with a focus on energy efficiency and decarbonization of industry, financing of research, development, and innovation, intervention measures for crisis situations, further development of the wood processing industry, support for the circular economy, internationalization of the Slovenian economy, promotion of handicrafts, tourism development, and sports support. These investments are designed to create sustainable growth, improve competitiveness, and promote the development of innovative and sustainable technologies.

Source: GOV