Unija can provide complete accounting services for companies in the region. In February we opened the sixth business unit in Montenegro in addition to Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria.

Now we are able to provide quality accounting, personnel and tax consultancy in accordance with Montenegro’s legislation. We will keep you up to date on your company’s business activities and provide guidance in the accountancy and tax areas. We will also take care of keeping personnel records and other personnel-related services, and we can assure you that we will do this in line with your expectations and applicable rules. Naturally, this includes on time and diligent reporting to the relevant state institutions. Our Mobile office services allow you to confirm the veracity of incoming invoices and browse through all the business documents in our e-archive.
Our accounting services allow you to have direct insight into your business records in one place. Trust us the administrative and accounting matters, while you can focus on your primary commercial activity.
You can contact us on phone +386 1 360 20 00 or email info@unija.com