Planet GV and the the Education Management Institute Sofos awarded the 10 most successful Slovenian companies that have invested in education and training of employees.

Unija is once again on the list of TOP 10 for 2015, which means it ranks among the top 10 companies that systematically invest in knowledge and training of employees in Slovenia.

The award aims to present the best Slovenian companies or organizations that systematically invest in knowledge as well as to providean incentive for even faster development of training practices and improvement in the reputation of training function. Besides Unija, the following companies were also awarded the title:

  • BSH Hišni aparati, d.o.o.,
  • IBM Slovenija, d.o.o.,
  • Krka, tovarna zdravil d.d.,
  • Lek, farmacevtska družba, d.d.,
  • NLB, d.d.,
  • Telekom, d.d.,
  • Treves, d.o.o.,
  • Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica, z.v.d.,
  • Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.

The award was also granted to the most promising companies in the field of management training activities in Slovenia. We are proud that Unija received an award in the category of small businesses, while the awards in the category of medium and large businesses were received by IBM Slovenija d.o.o. and Krka d.d.

We will continue to dedicate special attention to strategic investment in improving knowledge and training. We are aware that only qualified professional employees can establish and maintain high professional standards.