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What is Unija APP?

Unija’s  system that allows paperless business and
24/7 insight into the company’s operations

Unija APP

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Paperless business

Don’t waste time typing data into the system or brining documents to the accounting service. No more rummaging and searching for documents in registrars and cabinets. Doing business is easy with the Unija App. Download it to your phone, or access through website, log in and all your databases lie in the palm of your hand, 24/7. Literally, so to speak.

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Reporting on Unija APP
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The Unija App flowchart :



Using the Unija App, you can scan all the relevant documents (received invoices, contracts, costs of travel forms, etc.), send them to a pre-determined e-mail address or simply import them into the process. The system automatically reads all the necessary data and transfers it to be processed; it enables the electronic liquidation of documents and automatic transfer to our Accounting when confirming the last one in the liquidation process. Additionally, you can access all the business documentation using the e-archive, whenever and wherever you are.



All scanned documents (invoices) are automatically transferred to our accounting department



All processed data is available to you in special reporting system. At Unija we developed application that provides customers with 24-hour view of all information regarding the business of the company – the mobile Unija APP. The application enables transparency and offers a wide range of required reports for your business, which helps at making your business decisions easier. Learn more about reporting on the Unija APP and what it offers you – here

Advantages of e-accounting at Unija

Classic business with accounting service Business through e-accounting UNIJA
Entering data

about received mail (account date, supplier, amount ...)

At least 3x

entering the same data into different files (inbox, invoice list, payment order, accounting ...)


input of needs (through OCR partially independent identification of basic data)

Average number

from the date of receiving the invoice to the company until delivery of the account to the accounting service

Around 30 days Maximum 3 days
(depending on the number of liquidators)
Average time

for processing one document (confirmation, registration, control, payment order ...)

30 min 3min

which must be at the headquarters of the client


necessary for the needs of the accounting service

24 hours / 365 days

access for all stakeholders to all the documents from any location

Open items

outstanding receivables

1x monthly Daily
Monthly reports

on operations

35 days

after the expiry of the period

3 days

after the expiry of the period

Business analysis

on operations

Manual search

the source document is required for each information

Picture of the document

attached to each item

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