The Institute of Accounting

To provide constant training to those who work in accounting and to improve the image of the accounting community, Unija d.d. decided to establish the Institute of Accounting back in 2005.

In the years since its establishment, the IA provided training in accounting, tax and HR matters, thus assisting many in the field. Along with the Academy of the IA, which is a full-year program of either “ECONOMY” or “PUBLIC SECTOR”, several schools and seminars are also organized during the academic year, lead by top experts in accounting, taxation and HR. Professional training and information programs are also available via the Institute’s portal, now used by more than 12,000 registered users, and the bulletin – “Unikum” – where current news and expert opinions are regularly published. The IA also publishes expert literature and manuals.

For several years already, the IA likes to open the new academic year with an Accountants’ Week, where numerous expert lectures are organized free of charge. This event has made the top of the list of the most important reunions of the accounting experts in Slovenia. The purpose of the Accountants’ Week is to shed light on certain topics currently stirring up the accounting, finances and taxation domains in lectures and meetings, to allow participants to exchange their views and experiences, and to raise public awareness about the importance of continuous training of accountants.

To learn more about their activities, visit the Accounting Institute portal.

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