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Tax consultancy

As a leading accounting service in Slovenia with a strong presence in other European countries, we provide clients with comprehensive and up-to-date tax advice from a wide range of tax areas.


Tax consultancy with all kinds of taxes and contributions, including international arena:

Taxation of individuals with income tax
Social Security contributions
Taxation of legal entities
Tax deduction
Value added tax
Taxation of real estate
Excise duties
Other forms of taxes

We combine extensive knowledge of international tax legislation, including knowledge of accounting and statutory regulations. Therefore, we prepare you for a possible visit by inspectors and participate in inspections.

Preparing for an inspector's visit
Performing as a proxy in the process
Communication with the tax authority
Preparation of remarks, complaints and other legal remedies in the procedure

Transfer prices represent one of the most risky areas of international taxation, as 70% of international trade is carried out within international groups of companies. We advise you in the field of transfer pricing so that your business will be in line with the law.

Review of relevance of transfer pricing
Preparation of the relevant transfer pricing documentation

Obtaining the information needed to make strategic decisions or analyze the company’s operations and assess current and future business risks. Read more about Due diligence here.

A comprehensive overview of the regularity of filling in tax liabilities with customers for each tax period, part of the period or for several tax periods
Review the accuracy and legality of the implementation of tax legislation in your books, contracts and other relevant documentation
Focus on detection of errors or tax risks in accounting and payment of tax liabilities of all types of taxes
Preparation of a report on detected errors or tax risks with the recommended measures to eliminate the detected errors
Learn more about Due Diligence - here

Tax comparison between countries in Central and Eastern Europe

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