As of today, residents of Slovenia can cash in tourist vouchers when vacationing in their home country. Tourist vouchers are part of the state’s third package of Anti-Covid-19 measures and were designed to help the tourism industry after accommodation facilities were closed for weeks due to pandemic, and even now, they will not be able to count on foreign guests.

The voucher is awarded to every person who had permanent residence in Slovenia on 13 March this year. Adults or persons who reach the age of 18 by the end of the year are entitled to a voucher in the amount of 200 EUR, while minors are entitled to a voucher in the amount of 50 EUR.

Vouchers can be redeemed in bed and breakfast providers such as hotels, holiday homes, tourist farms, private rooms, mountain lodges and B&B’s. The voucher is divisible, which means that the beneficiary can redeem it in several parts and with several different providers.

An individual who does not intend to use the voucher can transfer it to another person, but not to anyone. They can be transmitted between relatives in a straight line up to the second knee, between spouses or extramarital partners, between partners in a concluded or unmarried partnership, and between children and their legal representatives, if they are not their parents. Vouchers cannot be transferred between siblings, cousins, uncles, neighbours, co-workers, friends and the like.

If the voucher is not redeemed by the end of the year, its value will be forfeited. The beneficiary cannot claim a cash payment for an unused voucher, nor can he or she redeem it later.

The state will allocate 345 million euros for vouchers from the budget. At the same time, the government reckons that overnight stays with domestic providers will also encourage spending in other parts of tourism and catering, such as restaurants, attractions, museums…