Reporting on
Unija APP

With Unija App you have at any moment access to
gathered, updated and systematically arranged information
on company’s operations.

Unija APP


All the information on your company’s operations in one place

The Unija App provides a wide range of necessary reports on your business operations. Improve the overview of your operations and you’ll know where you stand at any moment. Let the Unija App make your business decisions easier. You now have 24-hour on-line access to all your data.

The system gives you the possibility of looking at your company’s books, browsing through cards and balance sheets, as well as matured claims and obligations – you’re just a click away from the scanned document. With it, you can make both invoices and travel forms. Night processing enables the daily automatic acquisition of bank statements in electronic form; these are in turn automatically forwarded to your administrator for processing.

A simple-to-use and useful mobile APP for management, employees and salespersons

UNIJA APP –  for managers


You can view the status and business operations of the company at the touch of a button. As a manager, you can monitor open liabilities and receivables from business partners, have an overview of the company’s income and costs, as well as use special reports to monitor the success of business transactions (how the company did compared to the past month or year) and obtain information for future decisions. For better comparison, you can monitor the data in local currency as well as in euros. You can easily review scanned documents in PDF format. The mobile App also allows you the insight into the bank account balance for all your bank accounts, which are in the Halcom system and for which we get your authorized certification.

UNIJA APP – for employees

Employees can look at data connected to their employment, pay slips and vacation time. They can also access in-house rules and regulations from a single source and look at the company’s bulletin board, as well as directly communicate with the Unija HR and financial departments.

UNIJA APP – for salespersons

Salespersons can look at open receivables from clients and other functions like the employees.

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