We have been looking for an experienced company in optimizing and improving work processes for calculating wages

Due to increasing needs in optimizing and improving work processes in the field of wage calculations and HR consulting, we found ourselves at the turning point where the Accounting Office Unija with its fast and efficient solutions came to us. From the beginning, we knew that we needed customized software solutions, and for this very reason it was important for us to find a reliable provider to communicate with us, which will have enough experience and references, and understand our needs in optimizing work processes for calculating wages. At our first introductory meeting, we found that we are speaking the same language. They were very interested in getting information about our way of working and the dilemmas that our business faced. Shortly thereafter they came up with proposals and solutions, which we were pleased to accept. When transferring data from our internal system to the payroll and staff records system, we expected some interruptions, but it all went very fast, smooth and without any interruptions. In the sphere of wage accounting we have been cooperating with Unija for three years now and we are more than satisfied with the cooperation, both in terms of high quality and support for wage calculation services, as well as the business relationships that we have developed with the contractor.

Martina Bohinc, C&A Moda d.o.o
Chief accountant Slovenia/Finance
Store Controller Slovenia/Croatia/Serbia

Unija is a good accounting partner for companies with a global mindset. At Eurosender, we have cooperated with Unija in the various stages of our development & they were always able to provide good value professional services. Their international approach, as well as their extensive experience, are crucial in providing good quality services.

Jan Štefe, director
Eurosender d.o.o.

We started working with the Unija in 2012 in accounting management for our Hilti Serbia subsidiary.
We have not only been looking for a company that we trust in administrative activities, but above all a partner with many years of experience in Serbia.
Hilti entrusted Unija with overall management of accounting and tax administration in order to ensure efficiency and above all complete compliance with regulations.
Unija has shown us great flexibility as it helped us getting familiar with new operating system.
These positive experiences that we had in Serbia led us to expand our cooperation with the Unija also in other two countries, Bosnia and Montenegro.
In these countries, thanks to the support of Unija, we are now managing the entire financial area without our own resources.

Hilti Serbia
Paolo DellaFlora
Accounting & Treasury Manager

As a research-advisory body, the Institute of Public Administration is fully aware of the importance of outsourcing: you should only do what you are best at and let the experts handle everything else. This is what we have done and our cooperation with Unija has been very successful. Expert employees, excellent responsiveness and a high level of tax security are what we believe our accounting house can be credited with.

dr. Rajko Pirnat, director of Institut

Considering the scope of our operations we had been faced with the urgent decision to switch to another accounting firm. We had been seeking a reliable, top quality partner who would also be able to keep track of our technological demands. We found all of this in UNIJA Accounting House, who provide up-to-date, precise, quickly available and clear reports. Thanks to their e-Accounting system of paper-free operation, we can submit all the required documentation on a daily basis, which is then recorded daily, so that our operating balance is available at any time.

Tihomir Krstić, director

We are one of the largest elementary schools in Slovenia, so the overview of payment of various services and charges is a very complex system that requires precision, care and reliability. We searched for all of this for a long time, but finally found in the company Accounting house d.o.o. With the help of this reliable partner, we have adjusted our balance sheets and eliminated the gaps in school accounting.

Sašo Vlah, Principal
Elementary School Vič

The best way to make sure that accounting services and counselling are excellent is a tax inspection. Our company has recently completed two such inspections successfully – without complaints, which is also thanks to Unija Accounting House. An expert, meticulous and trustworthy accounting house.

Josef Rutar, director

In modern times it is of utmost importance that we offer a wide range of products on the market. Partnership with accounting office Unija enables us to devote our full attention to our work and development, as with their help, our operations are easier and faster. With their work they have proven to us on numerous occasions that we can fully trust them to work with them more effectively and in accordance with the latest regulations. Their expertise, experience and professional attitude are just some of the factors that make us pleased to be working with them for many years now.

mag. Nikola Krečar, director
RWE Ljubljana, energy services, d.o.o.

As a modern and dynamic company, which sets itself high goals and standards, we wish to lead our business expertly in any given field. Based on this vision we choose our partners with a view to building a long-term and trusting relationship. For this reason we have put our accounting and tax consultancy in the hands of accounting house Unija, who can provide us with comprehensive support in Croatia with the help of their expert personnel and modern IT solutions. Unija enables us to manage our business on the Croatian market all in one spot, which makes the correct management of our company a great deal easier. They have convinced us with their responsiveness, up-to-date information and a personal approach, which we value immensely.  

Andrej Podgoršek, director
VITAPUR d.o.o.

For more than 10 years now, Accounting House Unija has been impressing us with its expertise, quality and flexibility. The presence in 14 countries in the CEE market made it easier for us to set up a single accounting system and enable a uniform method of reporting on the performance of arbitrage units.
Tracking new trends, regularly up-to-date information and customer care is of great importance for Unija, so we are happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a professional and cost-competitive service.

Margareta Lorger, financial supervisor
Sun Chemicals

Our preference for UNIJA Accounting House was particularly due to their constructive approach to rationalising our administrative operations with regard to preparing the documentation for accounting services. Particularly, what I have in mind is appropriately organised activities to prepare the documentation and bases for calculations. Furthermore, we have established a unified business operation system, not to mention the special achievement of introducing the e-Accounting system, enabling us to transform paper documents into digital files using an optical scanner. New working methods enable us to avoid double data entry, minimise the possibility of error, have all the documentation available 24 hours a day online in electronic format, and to contribute based on our own efforts to a reduction in the price of accounting records.

Monika Ažman, Chief Executive Officer

We have opted for the Unija accounting firm based on the recommendation of certain tax experts with whom we have cooperated previously. The association has recently started to participate in numerous international projects, the execution of which requires precise and professional financial analysis and reports. Such services can only be provided expertly and in due time by major accounting firms employing a sufficient number of qualified experts from various fields.

Frida Bertoncel, Project Manager

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