2403, 2020

How to do business amid the spread of COVID-19 in Croatia?


During the new situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), changes, additions and emergency measures are introduced on a daily basis for all companies. What are the employers options in case of altered circumstances due to an epidemic? In situations of disruption to the employer's business activities caused by the epidemic, the employer would, in order to preserve employment and jobs and to implement virus protection measures, in accordance with Labor law [...]

1803, 2020

What are the possible solutions for Slovenian employers during the pandemic of Corona Virus?


In light of the current situation associated with reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, employers may order the absence of workers from work by: ordering work from home due to exceptional circumstances, the use of annual leave by the worker and collective leave, waiting for work at home - in cases of reduced workload, absence from work to care for children due to the closure of kindergartens and schools, performance of [...]

1203, 2020

IMPORTANT announcement for our clients and partners


Dear customers and partners, In light of the recent aggravated public health situation in the country due to the new corona virus (SARS-CoV -2), more clients are turning to us with questions regarding our ability to provide services. We would like to emphasize that we have taken all the necessary protocols and percussions that will enable us to seamlessly provide all our services, regardless of the general situation in the country. [...]

603, 2020

Raising the minimum wage in Slovenia and the EU


On 1 January 2020, the statutory gross minimum wage rose again in our country. However, this rise did not happen only in Slovenia. In fact, 16 EU Member States have raised the minimum wage in addition to us. For 6 countries, however, Eurostat does not have the data, as they do not have a statutory minimum wage. Source: Eurostat *This country does not have a statutory minimum wage.   In Slovenia, [...]

3001, 2020

Brexit to happen on the 1st of February: what’s next?


On the 1st of February United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union (EU), but not everything will change overnight. Namely, UK is leaving EU on the basis of the exit agreement, which means that we have an 11-month transition period: The UK will continue to be part of the Single Market and the European Customs Union and thus not become a third country in relation to other members Companies trading [...]

2011, 2019

BiH has become part of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes


12.11.2019 Since November 2019 Bosnia and Herzegovina is a signatory of the the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to prevent BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting). The Convention currently consists of 1600 bilateral tax treaties, which seeks to eliminate loopholes in international tax rules, that is, the abuse of the existing network of double taxation treaties that have led to significant losses in global income tax revenue. The [...]

2309, 2019

SLOVENIA: The deadline for filing a VAT refund claim in another EU Member State is approaching


A tax return in another EU Member State must be filed by the taxable person by 30 September at the latest after the calendar year in which the VAT was charged in the eDavki system using the VATR-APP form. Member States shall decide on a request for repayment within four months of receipt of the request in the event that the application is complete and no additional information is required from [...]

2307, 2019

CROATIA: Country tax newsletter – July 2019


VALUE ADDED TAX - REDUCTION OF STANDARD RATE FROM THE START OF 2020 YEAR Standard rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) will be reduced to 24% starting from the 1st of January 2020 year, as prescribed in the Value Added Tax Law, published in the National Gazette no. 106/2018. All taxpayers whose deliveries are subject to the standard VAT rate (currently 25%), from the beginning of 2020 year should on their [...]

207, 2019

CROATIA: Country tax newsletter – June 2019


VAT EXEMPTION FOR DELIVERIES OF DOMESTIC SUPPLIERS TO TAXPAYERS WITHOUT HEADSEAT IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA SUPPLYING THE SAME GOODS FURTHER TO A THIRD COUNTRY OUTSIDE THE EU Export deliveries are basically transactions of goods from the Republic of Croatia to a third country, where a basic document and proof of the customs clearance is the Unique Customs Declaration (Croatian JCD)  or an electronic message IE599 generated by the ECS system. [...]

1206, 2019

SERBIA: Limited Liability Company Vs. Branch Office of Foreign Legal Entity in Serbia


Opening an office in a foreign country is never an easy decision. The first question that comes in mind is what form of entity you would need to register in order to perform certain business activities in a foreign country. After that, you have to take into consideration the taxes you have to pay for the transactions you intend to perform and for the income you intend to achieve. One of the [...]

2205, 2019

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Unija MF d.o.o. opened new offices in Mostar


We are proud to announce the opening of the 22nd branch that operates within the Unija Group! The office is located in the narrower city area of Mostar, in the Integra business building, where we are easily accessible to legal entities. “I sincerely believe that Mostar, despite numerous accounting offices, needs a respectable and expert team of accountants and consultants. Unija Mostar is a part of the group that has been [...]

503, 2019

SLOVENIA: UK withdrawal from the European Union (BREXIT) and what does this means for Slovenian VAT field


On 29 of March 2017, United Kingdom notified European Council of the decision to withdraw from European Union. The exit procedure is further defined by Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. In accordance with that Article, United Kingdom, as a rule from 29 th of March 2019 (two years after the notification), will no longer be a member of European Union. The method of exit depends on whether United [...]



Spričo zaostrene javno-zdravstvene situacije v državi zaradi novega koronavirusa (SARS-CoV -2), se vse več strank na nas obrača z vprašanji glede (nemotenega) zagotavljanja naših storitev.

Na tem mestu želimo izpostaviti, da imamo v Uniji pripravljene vse potrebne protokole, s pomočjo katerih bomo lahko nemoteno zagotavljali vse naše storitve, ne glede na splošno situacijo v državi. Vsi zaposleni (vse službe znotraj podjetja) imajo v primeru, da bi bilo to potrebno, med drugim omogočeno delo od doma, slednje pa je ustrezno urejeno oz. usklajeno tudi s pristojnimi državnimi inštitucijami.

Zagotavljamo torej, da bo delo Unije še naprej potekalo nemoteno, vse storitve pa bodo zagotovljene skladno z utečenimi terminskimi plani.