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Legal consultancy

We are aware that all legal relationships have their financial implications, so we provide advise that best suites your practice.


We provide companies and individuals with assistance in legal status issues, preparation of general acts and contracts for the operation of companies and other legal organizational forms.

status legal issues regarding the operation of companies, sole proprietors and other legal organizational forms

status restructurings (divisions, mergers) of companies, sole proprietors and other legal organizational forms

preparation of general acts and contracts sale of business shares, liquidation of companies


Advising and investing in financial transactions, insolvency proceedings and compulsory dissolution act.</p>

advising on restructuring the company, initiating and managing a compulsory settlement or bankruptcy procedure

counseling in winding-up proceedings of legal persons, registration of claims in the procedure

lodging an objection against the list of tested claims

preparing lawsuits and other legal remedies against decisions in insolvency proceedings


Assistance with labor issues, preparation of contracts and internal documents and representation of clients in all types of labor law disputes.

review of legislation and case law in the field of labor law

preparation of employment contracts and other forms of work

drafting of internal acts and regulations

execution of procedures for employment or dismissal procedures

communication with trade unions

representation in extra-judicial proceedings

representation in case of inspection from the field of work


Careful Business Review (DUE DILIGENCE) is a form of obtaining information that is necessary in making strategic decisions, or it represents an analysis of the company’s operations and an assessment of current and future business risks. You can find out more about a careful review of the company’s business here.


Consulting and preparation of legal documents in real estate transactions and possible burdens of property with different rights in real estate.

real estate consulting

preparation of sales, exchange, gift, delivery and other types of contracts for the disposal of real estate

registration in the land register

counseling in connection with the establishment of a mortgage, building right, easement and other burdens on real estate

arranging rental ratios


Consulting and preparation of various kinds of contracts for companies and individuals:

preparation and review of sales, rent, sub-contract, mandate, license and other types of sub-divisions

Due Diligence
Careful review of business and identifying potential risks

Latest news in the field of legislation

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