Knowledge and trust are our core values

Striving to achieve the highest standards of professional services based on professional competence the UNIJA begun merging independent accounting firms in Slovenia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia almost 10 years ago.

Today our clients include companies of all sizes, independent contractors, institutions, societies and other non profit organizations with various spheres of activities and yet joined in ther common need for quality accounting services. They all seek to rely on a trustworthy partner that follows closely their business and offers guidance aimed at achieving a regulatory compliant and economic operations.

Through investments into advanced technological solutions, as well as the continued education of our employees, we have developed advanced business approaches and are seting new accounting standards aimed at rationalising the workflow and business costs of our clients. Supporting our clients beyond their basic need for accurate and legally compliant accounting services requires a relationship based of mutual trust. And trust is the very core value of UNIJA upon which we build our long term success. Various certificates, awards and recognition of the professional peer community for being the best accounting firm in Slovenia are proof that we are on the right track. The long term economic growth of our clients as well as our own personal growth and our commitment to social responsibility form the bulk of our mission.

Miroslav Pikovnik, Board of Directors – President

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