With the aim of achieving the highest standards of services based on high professional capabilities, almost a decade ago we started to combine independent accounting services in Slovenia as well as in other countries of former Yugoslavia. In 2004, with the merger of 3 accounting services, we made the first step in solving the lack of professional skills and combined companies under one roof called Unija. With joint efforts we started to create a vision of Unija delivering high quality services to our customers, with organization of work in the way that it helps grow our co-workers professionally, and to ensure the company itself long-term success and reputation in society.

Vision and mission


Where we are in 2022

  1. We are covering the former Yugoslav region with the largest and most developed network of branch units.
  2. We have developed the most advanced technology, which guarantees our clients a decisive advantage. And us as well.
  3. We guarantee our staff a working environment and business culture of which they are proud. And we are proud of them.
  4. We are encouraging changes for the better. Through action, example, and passion. In the environment in which we live and work, in society, in the world


  • To perform high – quality services, which contribute to successful operations, growth and development for our partners.
  • To stimulate employees to acquire new know – how, offer optimal working conditions to generate a good working atmosphere and ensure a quality life for all employees.
  • To ensure the company enjoys good standing and long – term success.