With the aim of achieving the highest standards of services based on high professional capabilities, almost a decade ago we started to combine independent accounting services in Slovenia as well as in other countries of former Yugoslavia. In 2004, with the merger of 3 accounting services, we made the first step in solving the lack of professional skills and combined companies under one roof called Unija. With joint efforts we started to create a vision of Unija delivering high quality services to our customers, with organization of work in the way that it helps grow our co-workers professionally, and to ensure the company itself long-term success and reputation in society.



Our mission is to help.

Help our clients, our colleagues, our society. With top-notch services and the development of advanced technological solutions, we exceed the expectations of our clients. This is how we stay ahead. And so do our clients.


We encourage creativity and teamwork.

We systematically take care of education and introduce new solutions that help us work easier and better. We strive to create an environment in which we respect each other, trust each other, and help each other grow. Professionally and personally. And we are proud of that.


We strive to promote positive changes.

Through actions, by example, with passion. In the environment in which we live and work, in society, in the world. This is our story.

Vision 2025


We have established the best teams that, through knowledge, trust, and collaboration, shape the future we are proud of.


New solutions and constant improvements in our work processes help us maintain our leading position and stay one step ahead of others.


We help our clients make optimal decisions. They know they can rely on us.


The Unija brand enjoys high recognition and reputation in the region. Thinking of premium accounting services means thinking of Unija.