Cost optimization

Consulting and implementation of cost optimization (Cost Reduction)

Do you know 5 steps to increase profits?

We know them in accounting house Unija!
The secret is not only in increasing sales, but also in lowering costs. Our experts help you figure out where to save, suggest actions and help you with cost optimization analysis. In five steps, you reduce costs and increase your profits.


Step 1
We conclude a written agreement by which you authorize us to inspect your business documents, costs and work processes, and determine other mutual rights and obligations.
Step 2
We take into account the costs of the company, focusing on the following segments:
• real estate
• insurance
• finance (rates, interest, commissions)
• telephony
• energy
At your request, we can also review some other costs.
Step 3
Upon completion of analysis, we present solutions to reduce costs, which can be very different: from in-depth conversation with suppliers, switching suppliers or reorganization of the work process to the introduction of some kind of control, etc.
Step 4
Together with you, we are addressing the realization of the agreed solutions.
Step 5
After 3 months, we do a comparative analysis in which we determine whether we are on a “good track” or not. If we find that despite all efforts and measures, we will not be able to reduce certain costs, we will abandon the activities in agreement with you. This does not cost you any cost.
If we find that we are on a “good track”, we continue our work until it expires two years after the beginning of the work. During this time, we constantly monitor the movement of costs for which we have implemented the measures and we report on the findings.

So why should you decide to cooperate with us?

Because our experts daily monitor all types of costs and can therefore compare them and determine what is "reasonable amount",
because we have good negotiating position with suppliers,
because our payment depends only on the amount of savings, that we can create for you,
because you can withdraw from the co-operation at any time without any costs/penalties.

More information can be found in the leaflet cost optimization


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