Why Unija?

Because it’s easy to work in a team of coworkers who help each other and complement each other.

An excellent working environment is not just a modern building, modern information technology, Cafe with good coffee and food, spacious lecture rooms, bonuses and prizes, entertainment or nice offices. We do have all that. But this comes to light only because we have excellent co-workers.

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Employee statements

Because I am precise and responsible I believe working in this field meets all my need and I am happy to do it. I am mainly focusing on calculation of salaries and the keeping of personnel records for our external clients.

Jasmina Udovič

Working at Unija was my first job and despite the saying that it’s good to change your working environment at least every 5 years, it’s safe to say I like it here a lot, because I preferred to switch my job position instead of the company.

Natalija Resnik

My opinion is that a good communication between colleagues and a pleasant working environment also contributes greatly to your work. And at Unija all employees are working hard in this direction everyday.

Mateja Dolenec

Because we have values that we live by



Working in a team where everyone is willing to work to the best of their strength gives us the feeling that we will succeed, regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves.


With us, people always find the way to be positive. If not, others convince them that things can only be bad if they want to see it as such.


When we learn something new and realize it in practice, it gives us a feeling of satisfaction and success. Which satisfies our customers as well.


Every employee is free to tell us their opinion, or ask when he/she does not know something.


There are no problems, only solutions.


It’s good to work where you’re never alone.


We are more than an ordinary service.

Because we support development and promotion anywhere and anytime

At Unija everybody knows exactly what he has to do and where he can climb up the promotion ladder. The career path is clearly outlined – for the one who wants it. It means demonstrating progress in your development path. We support each individual’s development path in different ways:

  • With individual mentoring
  • By group mentoring in the implementation of Unija’s highest professional staff
  • With various systematic development programs, such as Potential Personnel and Advisor Accountancy Development Program
  • With regular monthly internal training
  • By training at the Institute of Accounting

Because we have found that formalized “from the above-stated” development plans do not necessarily act motivational, we decided to do it otherwise. Every employee receives his own personal resources for education, which he disposes of at his own discretion and in accordance with development goals. This is also freedom. And when development goals are achieved, we deserve rewards.

Because we create big picture with small advantages

We follow modern knowledge in the field of motivation and rewards.

Our principle of non-financial remuneration is aimed at:

  • It increases the sense of freedom. For us, efficiency means that goals are achieved. Therefore, we do not measure the effectiveness of how much time we spend in the office./li>
  • We reward the most successful with exactly what matters to them. It does not matter what is important to the manager, it matter what is important to the one who gets the reward.
  • It connects colleagues outside the working environment.
  • It maintains health, family relationships and quality family relationships. If you do not have a good time at home, you do not have a good time anywhere.

Our principle of financial rewarding is aimed at:

  • It magnifies learning and proven knowledge. Knowledge always has value for us.
  • It promotes business thinking.
  • It strengthens loyalty to the company. Preferably with an unlimited lifetime.

Because we know how to have fun

Twice a year we gather on a trip “Bilančnina” and New Year’s party.

Once a year, we meet colleagues from the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria …) and compete at Unija’s sports games. It does not matter to win, it is important to participate (although it is also nice to win …). Several times a year, the leaders invite their team of co-workers to a social gathering. Our children are also happy every year because they are visited and gifted by Santa Claus.

Anyone who thinks accountants are only finding themselves in numbers are wrong.