Accounting for international companies

Our experts will provide you with accounting support for your business units (home and abroad) and enable you with unified way of reporting for all your business units regardless of the specifics that apply to the accounting and tax legalization of those countries.

All in one accounting solution for CEE region


With active presence we enable our clients with all the information they need, for all regions in which they operate, in one place. We achieve this by using modern IT solutions for paperless operations and our Unija App, where they can monitor the entire business and have documents from company available 24/7.

Unija can provide complete accounting services for companies in the region. We are currently present in fourteen countries: Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.

Trust us to keep your business records in accordance with the applicable local legislation. We will keep you up to date on your company’s business activities and provide guidance in the accountancy and tax areas. We will also take care of keeping personnel records and of other personnel-related services, and we can assure you that we will do this in line with your expectations and applicable rules. Naturally, this includes on time and diligent reporting to the relevant state institutions.

Advantages of Unija accounting service

Quality accounting for a particular market in accordance with local regulations

Keeping and controlling all documents in one place

One administrator for all markets in the region

Accounting, human resources and tax advice in accordance with local regulations

Comparison of local laws

Preventive tax reviews and internal audit of operations for both individual companies and groups of companies

We offer companies that are just entering the foreign market a package that includes everything necessary for doing business in a foreign country

StartBIS package

Paperless business for foreign companies


No more rewriting data into the system or bringing documentation to an accountant. Unija’s modern IT solutions enable quick, easy and efficient paperless business.

Documents (accounts, contracts, travel orders …) are easily scanned and imported into the processing system from where they are automatically transferred to Unija’s accounting. In addition to accessing the entire database of scanned documents, you also receive a wide range of reports and are provided an overview of your business 24/7.

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