All in one accounting solution for CEE region

With active presence we enable our clients with all the information they need, for all regions in which they operate, in one place. We achieve this by using modern IT solutions for paperless operations and our Unija App, where they can monitor the entire business and have documents from company available 24/7.

We are currently present in 14 countries: Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Leave the bookkeeping to us and we will make sure that they are kept in accordance with local legislation. We will regularly inform you about the operations of your company and advise you in the field of accounting and taxes

Payroll, personnel records and other personnel services can also be our concern. We guarantee that they will be in accordance with your expectations and applicable regulations, and we will of course also take care of timely and correct reporting to state institutions.


No more rewriting data into the system or bringing documentation to an accountant. Unija’s modern IT solutions enable quick, easy and efficient paperless business. Documents (accounts, contracts, travel orders …) are easily scanned and imported into the processing system from where they are automatically transferred to Unija’s accounting. In addition to accessing the entire database of scanned documents, you also receive a wide range of reports and are provided an overview of your business 24/7.

Read more about paperless business and Unija’s modern IT solutions here.


Nowhere else will you find everything you need in one place: certified high-quality service delivery, the highest standard of information security, highly trained professionals and comprehensive accounting solutions. Regardless of the size of your business, we dedicate ourselves to you fully and thoroughly.

Quality accounting for a particular market in accordance with local regulations

Keeping and controlling all documents in one place

One administrator for all markets in the region

Accounting, human resources and tax advice in accordance with local regulations

Comparison of local laws

Preventive tax reviews and internal audit of operations for both individual companies and groups of companies

Accounting service Unija

Accounting service Unija is present in the international market. It is distinguished by high-quality accounting and consulting services and advanced IT solutions.

To optimize the business operations of our clients, we have developed an advanced Unija Smart Accounting system – a new generation of accounting that connects key services: accounting, IT solutions and consulting. With advanced data processing, we provide our clients with reliable insight into customized reports, which are a modern support in their business decision-making process.




24. March, 2023

Opening a company in Croatia has never been easier

The establishment of a limited liability company in Croatia follows an established procedure and is associated with certain costs. In order to save you valuable time, we have summarized all the necessary information for the establishment of a d.o.o. in Croatia in the attached brochure, and we will be more than happy to help you with the procedure itself.

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22. March, 2023

SLOVENIA: Doing Business in Slovenia

The success of a business idea is influenced by many factors. One of these factors, among others, is the environment […]

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10. November, 2022

SLOVENIA: Absence of standards in accounting profession noted at conference

Bled, 10 November – The first meeting of Slovenian accountants, taking place in Bled, looked on Thursday at the absence […]

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29. July, 2022

CROATIA: TA Opinion regarding VAT treatment of pet accommodation in a Dog Hotel

The growing demand trend for daily and overnight pet accommodation services rases the question regarding the classification of the service from the VAT aspect. Therefore, on the 27th of June 2022, Croatian Tax Administration has issued an opinion on the matter of application of reduced VAT rate of 13% on daily and overnight pet accommodation in a Dog Hotel.

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8. July, 2022

CROATIA: Credit Institution Revolut Bank UAB in the Republic of Croatia – Tax administration opinion

The globally spread financial services of the credit institution Revolut Bank UAB have raised several issues related to changes of their operations in Republic of Croatia.

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12. April, 2022

Vat Upon Import on an Accrual Basis in Croatia

Any introduction of goods into the European Union which, in accordance with customs regulations, are not in free circulation within the territory of the European Union is subject to VAT and is considered an import of goods. Pursuant to amendments to the Value Added Tax Act of 1 January 2021, it is possible to administer VAT on import on an accrual basis when importing goods of all kinds and values. These changes have enabled a significant reduction in the burden on companies’ financial resources.

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3. February, 2022

CROATIA: Transfer pricing

Related party transactions are an important moment in the business of legal entities, especially in multinational groups. These transactions are […]

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12. January, 2022

Attachment of earnings in 2022 in Croatia

To determine the amount of salary that may or may not be subject to enforcement, the average monthly net salary […]

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16. December, 2021

Annual Calculation of Taxes on Income from Employment in Croatia

Irrespective of the duration of the company's fiscal year, in the last month of the calendar year, the employer is required to perform an annual calculation of taxes on income from employment for its employees. 

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24. November, 2021

CROATIA: Compensation during annual leave

The worker shall be entitled to paid annual leave for each calendar year pursuant to Article 81 of the Labour […]

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