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and credit ratings at Unija APP

By investing in the development of advanced technological solutions we are setting up new milestones in accounting activity, all with one goal – rationalize operational business of our clients.

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Recover debts in just three clicks

In cooperation with carefully selected external recovery experts and credit rating information, we have set up in our application Unija APP a system so that you can easily hand over your claims to recovery with Pro Kolekt in just a few clicks. In the application, our subscribers can also get acquainted with the costs of recovery when reviewing their claims.

In application you will also find credit ratings of your business partners, as the client has access to the appropriate ranking of companies in credit assemblies, in the manner of traffic lights (red / orange / green), where a certain color of the traffic light warns of the risk of financial risk for a particular business party subscriber.

The procedure for transferring due obligations in recovery with
Unija APP:

After confirming and submitting information the company PRO KOLEKT d.o.o. will contact you and inform you of the progress of recovery!

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