Careful business review

Due diligence

Due diligence

Careful Business Review (DUE DILIGENCE) is a form of obtaining information that is necessary in making strategic decisions, or it represents an analysis of the company’s operations and an assessment of current and future business risks. Investors need to know what they are buying and, above all, what are the risks of past business.


The purpose of due diligence is to prevent possible negative surprises after purchase or investment in a particular company. A thorough review of the company reveals legal, tax, financial, operational and other risks.

The most common types of due diligence are:

Tax inspection
Financial due diligence
Legal due diligence
Commercial due diligence
Operational due diligence
Technological due diligence


Employees specialists at UNIJA accounting house have many years of experience in conducting fiscal, legal and financial due diligence. Careful inspections are carried out for targeted companies based in entire Adriatic region.

Our team of experts

Our team of experts who perform a careful business review focuses primarily on identifying potential risks that you must consider as a buyer when purchasing the target company. The movement of financial indicators in the past period is determined, it checks the financial plans set and the reality of the achievement of plans, checks the quality of the sources of funds and the regularity of the reported liabilities.

Also, a very important part of diligent review also covers the analysis of tax risks from the company’s operations in the past. Potential risks for future business operations also represent all contracts with the target company’s stakeholders (buyers, employees, suppliers …).

These risks are checked when carrying out a legal diligence review, which clarifies the potential risks arising from contracts already concluded. The quality of the technological equipment, the actual value and the risks with the future use of equipment is checked by an external expert.

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