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Accounting for large and medium sized businesses

The correctness and truthfulness of information in balance sheet is responsibility of the company’s director. Of great importance is therefore to know who you have entrusted with keeping accounts and producing financial statements.

Comprehensive Unija accounting service



Financial accounting and tax books are the basis for preparation of financial statements, statements and tax returns. We offer:

recording business events in the general ledger and at the same time in the balance of customers and suppliers

keeping a register of fixed assets

help with managing your auxiliary books (for example, trading books, material bookkeeping, travel order bills, billing books), and alignment with the general ledger

keeping statutory tax books and records (for individual taxpayers, eg for VAT)

On-line advice to clients on the compliance of documents with tax legislation (when issuing invoices, liquidating received invoices and accounts, travel accounts and other contracts and documents) and supporting customer operations (information, providing reports)

advising on the choice or proper understanding of accounting policies (for important business decisions).


On the basis of booking we prepare prescribed financial statements, reports of other state institutions, and your internal reports that you need for management, control and decision making.

production of internal reports according to the needs of the client (for management, for owners, business reporting)

keeping a register of fixed assets

production of statutory reports for national statistics,

preparation of annual financial statements (statutory statements: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, other prescribed statements, notes and disclosures)

participation in reporting to the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting


Each business entity is liable for at least one of the taxes, for which it is necessary to keep prescribed books or records and to submit applications, forecasts and tax returns.

VAT calculation and other statutory accounts according to the VAT law

keeping tax records and records according to VAT regulations,

the production of a tax return on income from activities or a tax on corporation tax,

keeping records for annual tax returns (record of covering tax losses, utilization of tax credits),

the calculation of the withholding tax for the payment of income with source in your country (for example, in the payment of dividends, interest, royalties, rents ...) and assistance in exercising benefits from interstate agreements,

making other tax returns and accounts.


Part of accounting function is also carried out at your place of business, for which it is useful to perform internal controls:

a review of recording business events in business and tax books,

control of the compliance of accounting documents with legislation and accounting standards,

control of the appropriateness of valuation and disclosure of balances of receivables and liabilities in the principal and subscriber auxiliary books,

accounting consulting in organizing accounting and finance or in making important business decisions

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E – accounting


Doing business is easy with the Unija App. Don’t waste time typing data into the system or bringing documents to the accounting service. Using the Unija App you can:

  • Scan all the relevant documents (received invoices, contracts, costs of travel forms, etc.), send them to a pre-determined e-mail address or simply import them into the process.
  • It enables electronic liquidation of documents.
  • Automatic transfer to accounting when confirming the liquidation process.
  • You can access all the business documentation using the e-archive, whenever and wherever you are.
  • A wide range of reports and a complete overview of company’s business that makes your business decisions easier 24/7

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What are the benefits of e-accounting
compared to classical accounting?

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